Please enjoy this free webinar from the 1st of February 2023 where we spoke to our Australian members who are travelling to the USA and presenting at the IAQA Annual Meeting & Expo in Austin Texas.

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Thankyou to our speakers:

Dr Claire Bird Litmas Pty Ltd

The Impact of Fungal Spore Aggregation on the Interpretation of Direct Microscopy Data for Assessing Remediation and Exposure Risks

Charles Bodas Royal Melbourne Hospital

Respiratory protection for bearded healthcare workers: Evaluation of the under-respirator elastic band beard cover (Singh Thattha Technique)

Jason Green Greencap (proudly part of WSP)

Hazardous Building Materials & Potential Occupant Exposure After Natural Disasters – The Emerging Issues
Respiratory Protection for Exposure Prevention – Our last line of defense in Indoor Air Quality

Gregor Riese Opira Group

Health risks associated with current and emerging air cleaning technologies

Ivi Simms BEW Group

Conference Workshop: Healthy Building Scorecard

Building Science – Bushfire smoke Infiltration, Smoke filtration, Ventilation, and Fire Pressure