IAQA Australia Code of Conduct

In recognition of their obligation to the public and the profession, IAQA Australia (IAQAA) are required to
comply with the following Articles:

  • I/We will be honest and forthright in advertising.
  • I/We will provide services only after obtaining the necessary bonding and licensing required on a
    particular project or within a particular jurisdiction.
  • I/We will utilise the services and products of those who possess specialised skills, tools, or trades not
    possessed by us when circumstances call for work to be done which we are unable to perform.
  • I/We will stay abreast of new developments in technology, tools of the trade, building codes,
    industry standards and guidelines, and any other codes or information that directly affects our work.
  • I/We will perform services only after the applicable, generally accepted industry standards of care to
    be applied have been disclosed.
  • I/We will follow such standards in work performed.
  • I/We will accurately represent the status of our membership within IAQAA.
  • I/We will comply with the Rules of the Association.
  • I/We will comply with all Federal, State, and local laws, regulations and licensing requirements
    applicable to our company.
  • I/We will promptly and courteously address any and all customer or consumer complaints and or
    inquiries and will fully explain the services, testing procedures and practices followed by our
    company in dealing with specific problems.
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