In our October Lunch and Learn session we will hear from Dr Ashak Nathwani AM, Director of the Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services (ARBS) Education & Research Foundation and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney, School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

Dr Nathwani will present outcomes of the practical tests carried out by professionals from ARBS Education & Research Foundation in association with the IEQ team from the University of Sydney at the Australian National Maritime Museum. They were performed in the Theatre, Restaurant, and the Entry Lobby. They involved utilisation of a unique breathing manikin, named Laura.

The results showed how air moves when we exhale and even how things change when we switch on the air conditioning. We will learn what this means about potential transmission of airborne pathogens. Importantly the presentation will discuss case studies of how some of the outcomes have resulted in various practical applications.

About our speaker 

Ashak is Director of ARBS Education & Research Foundation and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Architecture, Design & Planning at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Prior to joining the University in 2011, Ashak was in the Property Industry for 39 years of which he was with Norman Disney & Young (NDY) for 33 years – where he was a Director for 16 years.

He designed and project managed the building services, including the different types of air conditioning systems, of the unique Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) Laboratory at the University and contributed to establishment and launch of a new degree – Master of Architectural Science – High Performance Buildings.

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