Established in 1995, the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) is dedicated to bringing practitioners together to prevent and solve indoor environmental problems for the benefit of consumers and the public.

IAQA is the only IAQ trade organization that connects all parts of the industry to collaborate and grow. Connecting all parts of the IAQ industry is central to better business growth, operational effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. IAQA provides the best education for all parts of the IAQ industry, translating science and standards into practice, properly informing consumers, and bringing critical feedback to industry leaders. By sharing information between all parts of the industry, pushing each other forward, and refining our practices collectively, all parts of the industry will grow.

IAQA’s membership is comprised of individuals and companies, including: contractors, consultants, facility maintenance professionals, researchers, industry vendors, school officials, and representatives from state and federal government agencies.

In 2014, IAQA became an affiliate of ASHRAE while maintaining its own identity, Board of Directors, and membership.

In 2016, to better illustrate IAQA’s role as an experienced teacher, growth facilitator, connected advisor, and trusted interpreter, IAQA adopted a new logo and tagline, “Clearing the Air on Indoor Air Quality.”

IAQA has now returned to self-management, and continues to grow globally with almost 10,000 followers.

IAQA Australia is a not-for-profit Incorporated body that provides national support for its members, whilst bringing in the news and expertise from the IAQA in the United States.

From 2020, IAQA Australia started offering a local membership. This provides us with the support we need to offer more relevant events and greater value to our Australian members. There has been and will be no change in our status, set up or structure, and we remain a not-for-profit professional body incorporated here in Australia committed to IAQA in the US as a Chapter.

Download our Model Rules and Code of Conduct here (January 2020):