The following topics will be considered by our working groups:

  • Climate resilience considerations in building design, co structure, and occupation
  • Solutions to moisture and air tightness
  • SVOCs
  • Significance of new microbiome characterisation on IAQ industry
  • Asthma and IAQ
  • Hidden mould
  • IAQ and productivity
  • IAQ thresholds and exposure limits
  • Imported building materials to Australia
  • Routine IAQ monitoring
  • Building design and operation to minimise moisture/mould
  • IAQ assessments in water, mould, and fire compromised buildings
  • Position statement on IAQ issues for NABERS and other rating systems
  • Use of "fogging" as a remediation technology for indoor mould
  • Use of ERMI for assessing indoor moisture and/or as a remediation QA/QC metric