Presentation Overview

For as long as history has been recorded, man has had a relationship with dogs.  They have helped us in hunting for our food, herding our food, keeping us company around the camp fire, leading the blind and just being our best friends.

We have discovered that their noses are over 50,000 times more sensitive than the human nose. Society has made use of that ability by training them to find narcotics and explosives, and now, mould.

Canines have been used to detect hidden moulds for over 20 years. As one of the added investigative tools of a mould inspector, the dogs are able to pinpoint the location of mould infestations with a 98% rate of accuracy. They have been able to find mould behind fiber walls, wood and concrete. And they are your family friend when not working.

This program, with slide information and video presentation,  will demonstrate The abilities of our four footed friends and how they can be an asset to your mould inspection business.

About our speaker

Hank Nolin is a native of New York City, now living outside of Daytona Beach, Florida USA.  Hank is a retired Master Sgt from the US Army. In his 27 year career as a Military Policeman he spent 6 years as a K9 handler. During Operation Desert Storm, in 1991, he had the added responsibility of “Air Quality Inspector” in the Iraqi combat area.

Upon his return home he and his business partner continued training canines for explosive and narcotics detection.  They received an inquiry from a client as to if dogs could be safely trained to detect hidden moulds is their buildings.  The challenge was accepted. Over 1389 dogs later, here we are.

Hank has been actively working in the Indoor Air Quality industry for over 25 years and has performed over 1100 IAQ inspections in the USA and Canada. He is a Florida Licensed Mould Assessor and Instructor.


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