Keep up to date on airborne disease transmission news from across the world!

Gain a global cutting-edge perspective from the US former National Science and Technology Executive Director, and leading Microbiologist and Molecular Biologist, Dr Jayne Morrow on curtailing airborne disease transmission. 

Dr Morrow will describe the journey she has taken through Government Policy and a background spanning from Civil Engineering to Molecular Biology and describe what led her to creating the Integrated Biosecurity and Built Environment Consortium – IBEC for short.

IBEC is a team of specialists from engineering and design to medicine and occupational or industrial hygiene. Members are drawn from across the world, and toward getting the world back on its feet by collaboration across the diverse industries that make up our very own IAQAA membership. The aim to provide resources to everyone, and to also reach out to those people and countries most in need in current times. 

Hear how IBEC, along with the support of Indoor Air Quality Association Australia members is helping to secure a future for our buildings and our people. A future where airborne transmission is taken seriously, researched, and proven products lead the way to current and future pandemic control, and where people can comfortably and confidently share their indoor spaces again.

This is a truly unique opportunity at a pivotal time in human history – make sure you are there to find out how you can shape its future. 


Dr. Morrow has demonstrated a career working across stakeholders to foster engagement, create strategic vision and build consensus including development of standards on a range of technical programs and public policy areas including national security, environmental health, public health and safety and law enforcement.

She has mobilised research and policy expertise to address dynamic technical and policy challenges presented by the biosurveillance and biological threat response communities.

Working across the federal agencies, industry, and academia, she has assessed data and research needs and knowledge gaps to enable confident decision-making founded on scientific evidence for response to Anthrax, Ebola, SARS-CoV-2 (that causes COVID-19).

Dr. Morrow formerly led the US national science and technology (S&T) strategic policy development as the Executive Director of the National Science and Technology Council in the Executive Office of the President during the Obama Administration.

Prior to that position Dr Morrow led biothreat response and metrology for biological science programs at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Her research efforts have resulted in 42 peer-reviewed articles, reports and standards: over 200 technical presentations and operational exercises.

Recently, to enhance the response to COVID-19, Dr. Morrow partnered with motivated volunteers to form a non-profit IBEC, and hosted the global CLEAN2020 Summit, to bring together leaders from business, policy, standards development, science, and engineering to better understand current knowledge and identify opportunities to work together to control viral transmission in the built environment.

These efforts continue to help translate the research, standards, and guidance into practice.

She currently serves as the Assistant Vice President of Research and Economic Development at Montana State University where she is working to develop stronger connections between science, technology and research among academia, industry, and government agencies.

She has a B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from Montana State University as well as a M.S. and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering with a specialty in molecular and microbiology from the University of Connecticut.